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M Sand In Bangalore Specification :-

The beat sand having fineness modulus of 2.81 and

consenting to zone II as showed by May be: 383-1970 was utilized for the

experimentation in the wake of washing it with clean water. The

particular gravity of this phony sand apparently was 2.66.

The water support and soaked quality substance respects acquired

for the sand utilized apparently was 6.5% and 1.0%


Economy :-

As talked about above, since utilization of (M Sand) has expanded sturdiness, higher quality, lessening in isolation, penetrability, expanded work ability, diminished post-solid imperfections, it ends up being temperate as a development material supplanting stream sand.

It can likewise spare transportation cost of waterway sand by and large.

Quality Testing Off Sand :-

The Sieve Analysis tests are driven on Robo Sand 20 mm and 10 mm standard on tests amassed from transport lines, holds and stacked trucks.

The running with adjust is required and is accessible at all our plants.

Strainers of various sizes

Strainer Shaker


Investigating Cones

Every last one of our business officers are in addition orchestrated to complete these tests at client regions.

The Vertical Shaft Impactor applies a comparative control of shake on-shake trap for beating.

The sand is collected into four zones as demonstrated by( IS-383) measures.

Zone I is coarser and twists up recognizably better towards Zone IV


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